Providing students wireless internet usage, free internet service and solving internet connection problems on their computers.

Our students can use tablets, mobil phones, etc. devices to connect to the internet.

To provide our students with an e-mail service using the Microsoft infrastructure. E-mail features are:

Cloud based email and calendars powered by Microsoft Exchange Online. 25 GB of storage per user. Rich online meetings with audio and video, desktop sharing and virtual whiteboard support. Create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents using your favorite web browser

In the e-library environment, we offer students the possibility to use computers in library. We have a computer with Mac OS and Microsoft Operating system installed in this laboratory.

In our computer laboratory, we provide 30 computers to our students. We provide students with the possibility of preparing magnetic ID cards and making use of the school cafeteria without problems from stationery and entrance tours. In our classrooms, it is offered at the convenience of technology. The smart board system is actively used in every class. There is an electronic information system for each class at the entrance of the separate classrooms, and announcement screens are located on each floor of the school. This is to enable our students to get up-to-date announcements and to be informed quickly.

Providing wireless internet usage for our academic and administrative staff, allocating computers to each staff and resolving problems experienced on their computers either on site or by telephone. Our staff can use tablets, mobile phones, etc. devices to connect to the internet. We use our school infrastructure to provide our employees with an e-mail service. The e-mail service is provided via the Exchange system, and anti-spam protection and anti-virus services are also available. We provide IP telephone services and wireless telephone services to our staff. We provide our staff with ID cards and many innovations using school cafeterias, stationery and turnstile systems.