We provide internet connection to our students and staff, making it easy to access information. Our e-mail and in-house communication programs work smoothly and we provide e-mail service to our students with Microsoft infrastructure. We also provide our students with the possibility to use i-Mac and Windows operating systems together in our e-library.

In our campus fiber internet technology is used to provide internet access from every point via Wi-Fi. By using our VPN clinic and other medical devices, telephone and internet services can be used together. At the same time when we are researching in our library, our students are able to access the information faster by using the internet.

Our internet speed has been restructured as 500 Megabits since 2016. ULAKNET backbone is also integrated into our systems. In our campus, our servers are served through virtual servers and our telephone lines reach Telekom stations through fiber cabling and PRI technology.

The system where our servers are located is monitored 24/7. In case of any problem, our authorized personnel are provided with the possibility of immediate intervention by SMS. Our campus security cameras are watched in HD thanks to our cameras.

Our students and staff are entering the school safely using ID cards and tournaments at the entrances of the buildings. Thanks to our 42 inch screens on every floor, we keep our students informed by publishing up-to-date announcements.

There are 10 inch screens on the entrance doors of our classrooms, where the system used for the first time in Turkey was shown by showing automatically which classes are in that class and how many learners are involved.

Uskudar University is renovating itself every day technologically.